Copyright Ryan Batturs. All rights reserved. 

We'll Never Run 

You think this world belongs to you 
That doesn't give you the right 
To take all that's in your sight 
You sit so high upon your throne 
Who do you think you are? 
This time you've gone too far 

You steal the breath right out from us 
You take our lives like we are nothing 
We fight just to survive 
We've taken all we can from you 
We know what we must do 
To take back all of our lives 
No, we don’t care how strong you are 
We'll fight until the end 

We scream out into the night, 
"We won't give up this fight 
'Till our hearts stop beating" 
Throw at us what you will 
We're out for the kill 
Know your time is fleeting 

Nothing you do will make us succumb 
We will never run 
We just can't, we just won't, we'll never run away 
No matter what you think you can do 
Together we're much stronger than you 

We scream out to the night 
"We won’t give up this fight" 
Throw at us what you will, 
We are out for the kill 
No. We will never run

We'll Never Run