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Upon Your Stars

Upon Your Stars 

When I see that smile of yours 
I wanna trade my soul 
For that world you hold 
My dreams you own 
That life that should be ours 
But life's just not that easy 
With looks like yours 
You chew me up and spit me out 
And leave me stranded on that same old road 

I know you'll be the end of me 
Why must you be so tempting with angel eyes 
I know you’re just the devil in disguise 
But when I hear your siren's call 
I don’t know what to do at all 
Delusions fall from all the words 
You sweetly lie to me 
I can't escape those angel eyes 
Or all of your beautiful lies 

You take me to your stars oh girl 
Then send me crashing back to my world 
But tonight we'll dance upon your stars 
And everything will be ours 

Beneath our feet 
A billion stars all shine so bright for you 
Tonight I won’t let go 
I won’t crash away from you 
Tonight we dance on stars so bright 
As everything becomes ours tonight