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The World and Fate

The World and Fate 

We make a prayer, send it to the wind 
It's blown to nothingness by all of our sins 
We scream all night up to the sky 
How did our beliefs all go awry? 
To the world and fate we begin to put all our trust 
Just like those star-cross’d lovers 
Who traded their lives for lust 
Forsaken by the world and fate 
Our desires we cried out became all theirs to take 

We won't give up 
Together we will take back all of our dreams 
From the world and fate 
These aspirations belong to us 
They were never theirs to take 

Even out of sight 
For our desires we will surely fight 
We won't accept a predestined fate 
Or bow to a world so full of hate 
We'll keep on climbing even if we were to fall 
We'll keep on climbing 
If the top doesn't exist at all 
We'll never bow down to the world and fate 
Together we'll fight 
And our dreams we won't forsake 

It comes down to us against the world and fate 
And our desires they try to take 
We will fight, we will climb, we will never give up 
From these wounds and these scars 
We proclaim these dreams are ours 
We won’t give up 
I know that we can take back all of these dreams 
From the world and fate