Copyright Ryan Batturs. All rights reserved. 

Silent Lies 

The night all too serene, as I feel the moonlight die 
The stars above still burn so bright, as do my silent lies 
In this placid darkness, in such desires I wait 
As these tears of regret bleed through, all too late 
Praying for all things real to die 
So I may close my eyes forever 
and dream these silent lies 

With every regret tormenting me 
This silence stabs so deep 
With every lie that I dream 
I bleed for you as I forsake reality 
Lost in these silent lies 
Every moment I'm alive I bleed for you 

Crying out to heaven, this prison of the mind 
Where paradise is truly lost 
And blissful lies are all we find 
Holding fast but it’s all the same 
Misery in life's pitiful game 
Cutting deep into these veins, still are my silent lies 

How could you die? I lived for you 
Now I am lost in these silent lies 
Desires fell from your lips 
Convictions embrace me as I scream your name 
This silence still pierces deep 
As this blood spills all for you in vain 
This blood spills all in vain 

After all these years passed by 
I can’t accept that you died 
I’m still bleeding deep inside all of these silent lies 
Every moment I’m alive, I bleed for you

Silent Lies