Soulless streams plague beating plains 
Life once so pure in blackened chains 
Fire hails down through eyes so red 
Innocence lost... This pure heart's now dead 
Sorrow leads to execration 
Hate bleeds from these afflictions 

Void so dark, abyss so great 
Fading love bleeds into growing hate 
Dark reflections pierce the purest of souls 
As this love now gone takes its final toll 
Demons screaming all around us 
Contempt for life feeds their lust 
These demons born from sorrow 
Live only to destroy us 

Screams falling on deaf ears 
Gone away are all our fears 
For if we don't fear death 
We can't fear anything at all 

Our demons kill our conscience 
Who was one our creed 
There's no innocence 
We're all sinners snuffing our own light 
We ignore all our remorse and crying pleas 
Now we dream to take the world down 
With us in our plight 

Our love scatters like dust 
This pain once loathed we lust 
To what have we succumbed? 
What have we now become? 
Now we dream to take the world down

Copyright Ryan Batturs. All rights reserved.