Copyright Ryan Batturs. All rights reserved. 

Our Ghosts 

In love and lust, it's all the same 
Does it make us human playing these games? 
The riddles burn in us like a flame 
The answers we find are false and all the same 
We deny what we know 
Living life for our ghosts 
Let society reign, with their devils they blame 

Why do we live for what others believe? 
We don't know the truth and neither do they 
We get just one life, let's live it our way 
Let's not live for our ghosts 
Let’s live life our own way 

We search for lust and call it love 
Whether from the flesh or ghosts above 
Living blind faith leaves us all denied 
Thus locking our humanity inside 

We run from the truth 
That we don't know all 
The riddles that make up our lives 
We make up our answers, we just can't find 
Like our lust, "our love" we'll believe any lie 

We're not gonna live for what others believe 
We will never know the truth and neither will they 
We get just one life, we're gonna live it our way 
We don't need our ghosts 
Our eyes are opened today 

We're not gonna live our lives 
To the tales of any man or ghost 
We're gonna live life with eyes open, our way

Our Ghosts