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Meant for so Much More

Meant for So Much More 

Another dawn 
Another feeling like the walls are closing in 
Is this forever? This can’t be all there is 
I’ve been dreaming far too long for this 
There’s got to be more 
It's time to face reality 
Let us rember who we were 
And fight just like before 
We'll stand up again 
And stare into the face of fate 
We're finished doing it their way 
'Cause we know that 

We were meant for so much more 
I know we're gonna change this world for sure 
It’s what we've been fighting for 
We'll give it all we have 
I know this life has to hold more in store 

We started with nothing, no-one to count on 
Just our dreams, it was us against the world 
They all played along 
No, we will never play their game 
Sorry, but we're not the same 
We'll make it on our own 
We won't sell our souls 
We bow to no man, god, or fate 
We don't care what they all say 

Sometimes it feels like this all is hopeless 
And all of these dreams are so out of reach 
But I'd rather die as a man who had tried 
Than live a life where I run and hide