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Lost in the Rain

Lost in the Rain 

Remember when the world was ours 
And you and I were so invincible? 
It was so incredible to feel all of these things for the first time 
Not knowing that it would all eventually 
Come crashing down on us 
We never thought, couldn't imagine that 
What we had could ever end 
Was it you? Was it me? 
Deep inside all my guilt and regrets come flooding in 
Can we go back? 

Those days now gone lost in the rain 
Of the strife we shared and the love we made 
We can't give in, I won’t succumb 
To the life we had that’s gone and done 
We can’t go back, we must refrain 
Let those days stay lost in the rain 

I still hear your laugh... picture your smile 
I still remember how your eyes lit up 
Every time I came walking in 
But we forget all of those fights 
You sobbing in your room all night 
As I lied alone thinking, "Is this meant to be?" 
How easily we forget the bad after it's said and done 
It's only in our nature to relive the good 
'Cause that’s all we ever want in love 
We can't go back 

We must realize, we can't undo what’s been said and done 
It’s now the time to remember why 
You and I gave our goodbyes 
We can't look back, we must refrain 
Let all those days stay lost in the rain