Copyright Ryan Batturs. All rights reserved. 

Free Will

Free Will 

You spoke us here into life and told us we could have paradise 
And you gave us what we thought was free will 
But human nature got the best of us 
And all too soon we disobeyed 
And you damned us to die and took it all away 
What did we do that was so wrong? 
We wanted to be just like you 
Why even bring us here at all? You knew that we would fall 

Is this your game they call divine? 
This free will you gave us is such a lie 
We're cast as pieces in your eyes 
With just a choice to serve or die 

To live we all must obey and live this life free of sin 
How can we do that in this flesh we're in? 
What is sin, but to disobey the rules you set for your sick game? 
Now, it’s in our hearts that you placed all the blame 
We are not to blame 
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right 
If it’s not for you it's all sin in your sight 
I guess that's why it wasn't a sin 
When you drowned us all just to start over again 

Free will... man's greatest gift... Oh it is such a lie 
If we don't follow your will, you send us to hell to burn and die 
I don't care if I live, I don’t care if I die 
This will is not yours, it's mine 
I don’t care if I burn for an eternity 
My will is mine 
I don’t give a damn 

This game of yours is not divine 
Go somewhere else and spread your lies 
We're more than pieces in your game of time 
I don't give a damn if I burn or die