Copyright Ryan Batturs. All rights reserved. 

Blinded Eyes

Blinded Eyes 

In the absence of my slumber 
My cries they turn to silence 
This absence of warmth is a noose around my hope 
I feel the night take hold as the pale moon light glows 
Has my wake just been my slumber all along? 

As the deathly shadows loom 
In the pale moonlight around me 
I can feel their contempt as they dance upon the walls 
Whispering to me their lies 
Staring with those lifeless eyes 
These convictions of the past keep haunting me 

Alone I awake as silence leads to voiceless screams 
My desires sing their tales of lies 
I'm bleeding for her warmth 
I'm holding on to hopeless dreams 
Now I am lost within these blinded eyes 

I’ve become lost deep 
Searching for an end where I can open up these eyes 
These dreams they just won’t die 
Silenced are my cries as hope suffocates tonight 

I’ve become so lost... Blinded by my desires 
Seeing only the past... Hoping for things to be like they were 
But her death is absolute 
And it’s this realization tonight that is suffocating hope 

Desiring her next to me though I know it can’t be 
I breathe hope like water 
Without her next to me, dreams are all I see 
These desires blinding me 
My desires are telling me only lies 
For I am lost within these blinded eyes